General Accounting

e-School allows great numbers of features when it comes to account management.

Chart of Accounts

e-School empower you with the ability to manage and control your school accounts more effectively. School can set up charts of account including ledger, bank statement, income statement, etc.


Manage budget information in real-time and monitor your school performance. Keep track of income and expenses and compare with previous budgets. System allows allocation of budgets to different account head.

Basic General Ledger

Its easy function provides generating of all basic general ledger in a single click. It supports accounting system and generates automatic financial statements.

Cash flow forecast

e-School keeps all the accounts related information under one single module. System helps to refine forecast by comparing and analyzing all previous statements like profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, and more.

Bank Management

System retains all bank statement information for audit and reference. This improves management of bank statement. You can easily upload bank statement or file given by bank to system. It supports multiple bank statement delivered through web channels.

Cheque books

Cheque books portal helps you to manage different cheque books easily. System automatically maintained all Cheque books along with the relevant information like cheque book number, issue date, etc. It keeps tracks of all issued cheque for control and security purpose.

Back Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is one of the most time consuming and tedious task for any sized institution. That is why; e-School provides automatic bank reconciliation functionality where system uses information from imported bank statement.

Financial Reports

e-School manages books of accounts, general ledger, and keep track of school’s day to day activities while generating powerful reports on balance sheet, income statement, and many more.


e-School daybook portal keeps a record of the funds flowing in and flowing out from the school accounts. School day to day transaction can be maintained easily.

e-School Software Running at

Kantipur City College
Budhanilakantha School
Nepal Medical College
Boston International College
Softwarica College
Golden Peak High School

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University Grants Commission
Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Higher Secondary Education Board(HSEB)
Institute of Engineering (IOE)

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