General Administration

School Administrative module allows you carry out all the administrative tasks which consume a lot of time and requires much attention and efforts.

Inquiry record

Administrative module keeps the record of inquiry from insiders or outsiders effortlessly without any paperwork.

Academic/ Event Calendars

Manage school all the yearly activities to the list and all this activities will appear in the Academic Calendar of the school.

Event management

Event Management module allows you to manage all the upcoming events/activities that is coming up in the school very efficiently.

Organization structure

Admin can set the hierarchy within the organization. This organizational structure portal allows task allocation as per the departments, levels or hierarchy.


Administrators can securely manage records of student/parents/staff and generate reports whenever required.


Admin can create notice, set category for notice and allow access to dependent user or group of users. Notice regarding holiday, exam session, class schedule, events can be sent from the system.

Guest & visitors

System keeps the record of guest and visitors of institution. Management need to informed at all times on every aspect of institution query.

User role & permission

Admin can define user roles with specific set of permission. User roles determines what they can and cannot do on the system due to defined set of permission.

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