HR & Payroll Management

Employee Information

System allows keeping its employee information such as personal details; address details, pay, salary, date of confirmation/retirement details and many more.

Salary & grade

System ensures consistency in providing staff information regarding salary, pay, grade/job title, additional duties and position.

Allowance/ deduction/benefits

Automate payroll processes to support various pay types, pay periods and complex benefits packages. Automatically calculates employee’s allowances, tax deductions and benefits.

Income tax

System automatically imposed tax on individual or entities that varies with their income. It sets the tax rate as per the income and calculates the collectible amount after tax deduction.


Payroll modules calculate salary for staff after defining all the additions and deductions. It generates more comprehensive and accurate payroll result for each individual employee and can directly forward their PF & CIT to their bank account. System can easily manage gratuity fund as well.

Part time & Contract salary

e-School provides you the flexibility of collecting part-time or full-time payment of salary on the basis of their attendance marked. Payments can be made in multiple installments.

Pay slip

System generates pay slip and enables payments to multiple bank accounts. You can generate all the reports related to payroll and pay slips with a single click.

Tax forecasting

System reflects all changes in tax system. Tax forecasting helps in future revenue analysis of institution. It provides accurate forecasts of tax revenue for the formulation of fiscal policy.

e-School Software Running at

Kantipur City College
Budhanilakantha School
Nepal Medical College
Boston International College
Softwarica College
Golden Peak High School

Our Valued EMIS Projects

University Grants Commission
Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Higher Secondary Education Board(HSEB)
Institute of Engineering (IOE)

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