Student Parent Portal

Students as well as parents can login with the system. All the information can be gathered and displayed in a single window making the experience much better and streamlined.

Student/Parents Dashboard

e-School act as a bridge between teachers, students and parents. Every student has a unique login and it is also provided to students’ parents. Parents portal enables parents to involve and actively participate in their child’s educational information like attendance record, grades, classroom assignment, calendars, and various reports.


This feature allows student to view assignments and downloads it online. Students can also submit assignment either online or offline. This offers a great outlook on the class timetable and assignment management.

View lecture notes

Students can find their lecture notes in the system. Lecture notes provided by the lecturer can view and downloaded at any time and through any device.

Syllabus and question Bank

Students can find syllabus and question bank as per the class and batch. Students can be view and downloads syllabus and question bank from the system easily.

Awards and Achievement

This feature serves as an acknowledgement of the achievement of the students. Parents can be well known about the accomplishment of their child.


Student can pass comments/feedback to teachers for better teaching performance analysis. This will help to bring best possible efficiency to the intuitions progress there by better overhaul.

View Academic Calendars, events and notices

System is integrated with robust communication systems to alert students/parents on notices and key events. This feature allows students/parents to view the academic calendars. Events and Notices regarding information can be delivered to students as well as parents by the system.

Check books availability

A library is a big place, filled with thousands of books. Librarian might be there to guide; although students themselves can find their required books; if available or not-just by browsing the system.


e-School act as a direct line of communication between teachers, students and parents. Communication features of this system allow students to communicate directly with the management or teachers regarding homework, notices, and projects. The Parent Portal includes a communication feature which enables parents to send private messages directly to their student’s teachers. This direct line of communication can help parents and teachers ensure the success of their students.

Check due, attendance, exam status

By this feature students/parents can get reminder for fees payment. Students/Parents can be well known about the classroom and examination status. Parents are sent automated SMS and email alerts when students are absent from classes.

Class Routine Management

Students can view class daily Routine Sheet for every classes before they appear in the classroom. Routine export and print out will be available.

e-School Software Running at

Kantipur City College
Budhanilakantha School
Nepal Medical College
Boston International College
Softwarica College
Golden Peak High School

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University Grants Commission
Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Higher Secondary Education Board(HSEB)
Institute of Engineering (IOE)

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