Teacher/Staff Portal

Teacher/staff portal allows access to the school information where teacher/staff have up-to-date information about them and their classes at any time.

Teacher/Staff Dashboard

e-School provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teacher and staff which helps to connect management, teachers, students and parents directly. This user friendly dashboard enables teacher/staff to receive all the information regarding their attendance, salary, classes and daily status in a single window making the experience much better and streamlined.

Create Assignment

Teachers can create assignment through the system. This powerful system lets teachers quickly set task to their classes. Set assignment with time and day basis with different section and classes through the system. Not only this teachers can receive assignment from the system as well.

Upload Lecture Notes

Teachers can easily upload class notes. Students can view their respective subject notes in their login.

Course pointer, Syllabus & Question Bank

There will be a time limitation for completion of the syllabus for any Teacher. That means Teacher can view the total period he/she has to take for each subjects. Teachers can also upload their related subject syllabus and question bank.

View Staff Details

This feature enables Personal, general and essential information of staff from history, external certificates, qualifications to subject taught and their pay/salary. Staff appraisals are conducted from the system generated reports.

Leave Request

Eliminate paperwork!! This teacher/staff portal allows employees to request for leave directly from the system. All employee leave request are automatically routed to their manager for approval. e-School offers an easy interface to apply and view leave request status.

View academic calendars, events & notice

This feature enables teachers/staff to view the academic calendar that consists of list of institutional events, activities, holidays and notices. All-important academic dates, student events and activities list can be viewed.

Task Schedule & Class Progress

e-School allow teachers to manage task schedule, provide access to lesson plans and their daily class schedule. This feature gives teachers a complete overview of how their students and classes are developing over time. Teacher can report on extra class he/she has taken.


System can display different reports related to teachers attendance/extra classes/salary/pay/performance evaluation/participation of extra events they attended.

General info

This portal tracks detailed information about staff like qualification, experience, address, contact information, subjects taught, etc.

Training, experienced & academic details

System defines access permissions to authorized personnel to ensure that employee biographical information is both secure and accessible.

Upload documents

Admin can upload their official documents by login to their system. File can be uploaded and system generates record reports for staff.


Teacher can view his/her teaching evaluation reports for better teaching performance analysis. He/she can pass comments/feedback to students for their class performance. Teachers can also view the number of student respondents to their teaching survey. This will help to bring best possible efficiency to the intuitions progress.

Staff evaluation & performance appraisal

With Staff information module you can easily track staff’s performance. Management can evaluate staff’s performance appraisal by analyzing comments/feedback that they get from different academic boards.

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